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We empower companies to express ideas, engage users and deliver capabilities through digital technology.


Sanctuary Software Studio, Inc. offers professionals the opportunity to impact the development of great software projects and media. What you know is less important than what you are willing to learn. We are looking for people with an irrepressible desire to build things in a peer-based, collaborative environment.

All positions at Sancsoft are full-time, salaried opportunities with competitive compensation. All full-time positions include a traditional benefits package with health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation and employer matched 401k. Additional benefits include incentive bonuses, broadband reimbursement, an extended holiday shutdown and access to the resources of the studio.


We're currently recruiting candidates for the following positions.

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Web Application Development

Develop web-based software applications and websites with a focus on devices and services that connect modern user interfaces with database systems.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Embedded Systems Development

Build software and firmware for embedded systems used for industrial control, medical devices and aerospace systems on bare metal, RTOS and embedded Linux.

Additional Opportunities

We're always interested in organically growing our organization. If you've got a passion for our business or a complementary talent that we're not actively recruiting, we encourage you to contact us.

All good businesses need great people and we're happy to provide the professional courtesy of considering your application. If your technical skills are outside of our domain, we may be able to direct you to one of our clients or partnering businesses with an active need.

Co-op and Internship Opportunities

Sancsoft actively supports cooperative education and internship programs with accredited universities through semester and summer placements. All positions are paid, full-time and located in Akron, Ohio. Where applicable, the experience commonly qualifies for credit towards a degree.

Students pursuing a degree in one of the following or related fields are encouraged to apply:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Technology 3D Graphics

Applicants are preferred to have achieved junior status in their degree program prior to starting work, but additional opportunities may be available. Positions are available for fall, spring and summer semesters. Placements for alternating semesters that integrate with participating universities are supported.

How To Apply

Send your resume to or contact our offices at 330-666-9690 for additional information.