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We empower companies to express ideas, engage users and deliver capabilities through digital technology.

About Us

Sanctuary Software Studio, Inc. is a professional services firm specializing in software development, user interface design and visualization. Our organization is a strong fit where a small team can impact deliverable features and schedule. We select technology based on the requirements. Source is always a deliverable.

The company formed in 1994 when the principals connected over a project involving their separate firms. Upon completion, they pursued the emerging connections between their individual domains of software engineering, visual design and business management. Over twenty years later, the team has grown, technology has changed and the fusion of engineering and design has reshaped business.

Sancsoft continues to operate under a blend of the business philosophies of its founders. Provide a studio space where creativity can flourish. Nurture collaboration through peer-based teams. Demand professionalism from yourself, your co-workers and the client.

3090 West Market Street, Fairlawn OH 44333

Official Particulars

  • Located in Fairlawn, Ohio
  • Privately held
  • Founded in 1994
  • 32 full-time employees
    • 25 Software Engineers
    • 6 Multimedia Developers

What We Are Not

  • Advertising Agency
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Gold Certified Partner
  • Placement Service
  • Value Added Reseller
  • Web Hosting Company


Michael Terry
Michael Terry



Stacey Simonton
Stacey Simonton

Managing Director


Tony Fienman
Tony Fienman

Creative Director


Our Customers

Our customers are what allow us to do our work. We're grateful for the opportunities provided by these companies, both large and small.

Partner Companies

While we focus on the digital side of the project, we often collaborate with a number of high-quality organizations to deliver complete product development.

Regional Support

As we and our employees make our homes in Northeast Ohio, we value the opportunity to support the ongoing resurgence of industry and technology by providing our services to regional organizations and causes.